Moldova Holidays 2023

List of Holidays in Moldova 2023

Date Name Type
01-Jan Sunday New Year's Day National Holiday
02-Jan Monday Public Holiday National Holiday
07-Jan Saturday Orthodox Christmas Day National Holiday, Orthodox
08-Jan Sunday Orthodox Christmas Day Holiday National Holiday, Orthodox
15-Jan Sunday Mihai Eminescu Commemoration Day Observance
27-Jan Friday Holocaust Remembrance Day Observance
28-Jan Saturday Special Working Day Observance
14-Feb Tuesday Valentine's Day Observance
15-Feb Wednesday Day Of Commemoration Of The Victims Of The Afghanistan War Observance
01-Mar Wednesday Martisor (first Day Of Spring) Observance
02-Mar Thursday Remembrance And Gratitude Day Observance
08-Mar Wednesday International Women's Day National Holiday
20-Mar Monday March Equinox Season
26-Mar Sunday Daylight Saving Time Starts Clock Change/Daylight Saving Time
07-Apr Friday Remembrance And Freedom Day Observance
14-Apr Friday Orthodox Good Friday Observance, Orthodox
15-Apr Saturday Orthodox Holy Saturday Observance, Orthodox
15-Apr Saturday Day Of Victims Of Organized Famine Of 1946-1947 Observance
16-Apr Sunday Orthodox Easter Sunday National Holiday, Orthodox
17-Apr Monday Orthodox Easter Monday National Holiday, Orthodox
24-Apr Monday Memorial Day/Parents' Day National Holiday
26-Apr Wednesday Day Of Victims Of Nuclear Accidents Observance
27-Apr Thursday State Flag Day Observance
28-Apr Friday Occupational Health And Safety Day Observance
01-May Monday International Day Of Solidarity Of Workers National Holiday
08-May Monday Public Holiday National Holiday
09-May Tuesday Victory Day National Holiday
09-May Tuesday Europe Day Observance
13-May Saturday Special Working Day Observance
15-May Monday Family Day Observance
22-May Monday Bălți Day Local Holiday
28-May Sunday Dniester Day Observance
01-Jun Thursday International Children's Day National Holiday
05-Jun Monday World Environment Day Observance
21-Jun Wednesday June Solstice Season
22-Jun Thursday Victims Of Fascism Day Observance
23-Jun Friday Statehood Day Observance
25-Jun Sunday Peoples Port Day Observance
26-Jun Monday Day Against Illicit Drug Consumption And Trafficking Observance
30-Jun Friday Competition Day Observance
02-Jul Sunday Stephen The Great Day Observance
06-Jul Thursday Victims Of Stalinism Day Observance
29-Jul Saturday Constitution Day Observance
27-Aug Sunday Independence Day National Holiday
31-Aug Thursday Language Day National Holiday
23-Sep Saturday September Equinox Season
24-Sep Sunday National Apple Festival Observance
30-Sep Saturday National Apple Festival Observance
01-Oct Sunday Wine Day Observance
07-Oct Saturday Wine Day Observance
14-Oct Saturday Chișinău Day Local Holiday
16-Oct Monday National Food Day Observance
29-Oct Sunday Daylight Saving Time Ends Clock Change/Daylight Saving Time
31-Oct Tuesday Halloween Observance
21-Nov Tuesday Cahul Day Local Holiday
10-Dec Sunday International Human Rights Day Observance
22-Dec Friday December Solstice Season
24-Dec Sunday Christmas Eve Observance
25-Dec Monday Christmas Day National Holiday
31-Dec Sunday New Year's Eve Observance

What is the List of Holidays in the Moldova in 2023?

The list of Moldova holidays 2023 is all the bank holidays, observances, religious holidays, and Moldova public holidays 2023.

What is the Holiday Calendar in the Moldova in 2023?

The Moldova holiday calendar 2023 is a website page with information about the observances and the list of holidays in the Moldova. So if you want to know what holiday is today in the Moldova or the Moldova's upcoming holidays 2023, you can get it from this website.

What Are the Holidays and Observances in the Moldova in 2023?

Unlike any other country, the Moldova has its own list of holidays. 2023 Moldova holidays is the list of all the religious and public holidays, and similarly, observations are days that are observed and celebrated in the Moldova.

Is a Public Holiday in the Moldova Considered a Working Day in 2023?

Public holidays in Moldova 2023 are celebrated on account of any religious activity or as a custom; thus, it is considered a holiday and not a working Day in the Moldova.

What Are the Public Holidays in the Moldova in 2023?

Public holidays Moldova 2023 are those which are celebrated on the grounds of any festival or customs. Public holidays are not working days in the Moldova. Instead, people have a holiday to celebrate the festival with their near and dear ones.

What Are the Bank Holidays in the Moldova in 2023?

List of Bank holidays in the Moldova in 2023 are those holidays on which days the bank and many other organizations are closed, but bank holidays are not public holidays in the Moldova. This website has covered all the bank 2023 holidays Moldova.

What Are the National Holidays in the Moldova in 2023?

National holidays are those days that are celebrated by the state or nation as a whole. For example, independence day. This website has covered all the Moldova national holidays in 2023.

What Are the Restricted Holidays in the Moldova in 2023?

Restricted holidays are holidays that are not compulsory holidays, which means any employee who doesn't want that holiday can trade it with any other working day. Christmas Day, Sunday, and new year's Day all come under restricted Moldova holidays 2023. There are 0 Restricted Holidays in the Moldova in 2023.

How Many Official Holidays Are There in the Moldova in 2023?

There are 15 Official Holidays in the Moldova in 2023, which you can easily find on this website.

How Many Official Holidays and non-working Days Are There in the Moldova in 2023?

There are 15 Official Holidays and non-working Days in the Moldova in 2023, which you can easily find on this website.