List of Holidays Around the World


2023 Holidays | International Holidays Today & in the Next 7 Days

Date Name Where
Sep 26 Tuesday Thimphu Tshechu (Thimphu only) Bhutan
  Yom Kippur Holiday Montenegro
  Giarhwin Sharief Pakistan
  Revolution Day Yemen
Sep 27 Wednesday The Prophet's Birthday Afghanistan , Australia , Bangladesh , Bahrain , Benin , Canada , Cameroon , Djibouti , Eritrea , Ethiopia , Fiji , Gambia , Guinea , Guyana , Iraq , Jordan , Comoros , Lebanon , Libya , Maldives , Niger , Nigeria , Philippines , Russia , Sudan , Sierra Leone , Senegal , Somalia , Syria , Chad , Togo , Tunisia , Tanzania , United Kingdom , United States , Yemen
  Day of the French Community Belgium
  World Tourism Day Congo Democratic Republic
  The Day After Prophet's Birthday Cote d'Ivoire
  Meskel Eritrea
  Independence Day Turkmenistan
Sep 28 Thursday Madhu Purnima Bangladesh
  The Prophet's Birthday Burkina Faso , Brunei , Algeria , Egypt , Indonesia , India , Kuwait , Sri Lanka , Morocco , Mali , Mauritania , Malaysia , Oman , Mayotte , South Africa
  St. Wenceslas Day Czechia
  Meskel Ethiopia
  Chuseok Holiday South Korea
  International Bosniaks' Day (for Bosniak community) North Macedonia
  Public Holiday Maldives
  Indra Jatra Nepal
  Teachers' Day Taiwan
  Day of Bosnians Kosovo
Sep 29 Friday Mouloud United Arab Emirates , Pakistan
  Friday before the AFL Grand Final Australia
  Mid-Autumn Festival China , Hong Kong , Taiwan
  Sukkot Eve Israel
  Chuseok Harvest Festival North Korea
  Chuseok South Korea
  Binara Full Moon Poya Day Sri Lanka
  The Prophet Muhammad's Birthday Holiday Morocco
  Manit Day Marshall Islands
  Boqueron Battle Victory Day Paraguay
  Day off for Nationalization of the Roças Sao Tome and Principe
  National Youth Day Turks and Caicos Islands
  American Indian Heritage Day United States
Sep 30 Saturday First day of Sukkot Australia , Canada , Germany , Israel , United Kingdom , United States
  Botswana Day Botswana
  National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Canada
  Day after Mid-Autumn Festival Hong Kong
  Chuseok Holiday South Korea
  Day after the Mid-Autumn-Festival Macau
  Nationalization of the Roças Sao Tome and Principe
  Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Taiwan
Oct 1 Sunday Day of National Minorities of the Republic of Armenia Armenia
  Public Holiday (October) Botswana
  National Day China , Hong Kong , Macau , Nigeria
  Cyprus Independence Day Cyprus
  Second Day of Sukkot Germany
  Chuuk Constitution Day Micronesia
  Sukkot (Day 2) Israel
  Armed Forces Day South Korea
  Fathers' Day Luxembourg
  Wine Day Moldova
  Elders' Day Mongolia
  Independence Day Palau
  Investiture Ceremony of the Captains Regent 2 San Marino
  Children's Day El Salvador
  International Day of Senior Citizens Turkmenistan
  Tuvalu Day Tuvalu
  Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Taiwan
  Teachers Day Uzbekistan
Oct 2 Monday Territory Day Australia
  King's Birthday Australia
  Labour Day Australia
  Day off for Botswana Day Botswana
  National Day Golden Week holiday China
  The Prophet's Birthday Holiday Fiji
  Peat Cutting Monday Falkland Islands
  Chuuk Constitution Day observed Micronesia
  Independence Day Guinea
  National Day of the People's Republic of China observed Hong Kong , Nigeria
  Sukkot (Day 3) Israel
  Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti India
  Chuseok Holiday South Korea
  Thanksgiving Day Saint Lucia
  Day after PRC National Day Macau
  Day off for Independence Day Palau
  Day off for Tuvalu Day Tuvalu
  Tuvalu Day Holiday Tuvalu
  Frances Xavier Cabrini Day United States
  Teachers Day Holiday Uzbekistan
Oct 3 Tuesday National Day Golden Week holiday China
  Day of German Unity Germany
  Morazan's Day Honduras
  Sukkot (Day 4) Israel
  Iraqi Independence Day Iraq
  Birthday of Prophet Muhammad and Imam Sadeq Iran
  National Foundation Day South Korea
  Day off for Tuvalu Day Holiday Tuvalu

What Information is Provided on the "Holidays" Page of the Website?

On the "Holidays" page, information on holidays and all the observances days is given. The page has holiday information for every country alphabetically. The holidays can even be searched in a yearly or monthly manner.

Can You Search for Holidays for a Specific Country on the Website? If So, How?

Yes, you can search for holidays for a specific country. You have to open the holiday page and stick to the steps given below.

  • Choose your preferred country from the given alphabetical list.
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What is Observance Means?

In simple terms, observance means a custom that has to be followed in a particular area. Each country has its own significant days, like founders' days, independent days, etc. Thus each country will have a different list of holidays and observances. This tool has a collection of all the holidays and observances around the world. So whenever you have questions like what holiday is today or what holiday is tomorrow, or what holiday is coming up, you can use this tool and get answers to such questions.

Is It Possible to Add Holidays to the Calendar on the Website?

No, it is not possible to add holidays to the calendar on the website. But this website has covered all types of holidays. All around the world. So whenever you wonder if today is a holiday in your country or any other country across the globe, you have to open this website and search for that particular country.

Are Religious Holidays Listed on the Website?

Yes, All the religious holidays are mentioned on the website. The website has all the worldwide holidays. You can find all the religious holidays of each country.

Is the Website Available in Languages Other Than English?

No, the website is available only in the English language.

Are There Any Additional Features or Tools Available on This Website Besides the Holiday Calendar?

Yes, the website has a yearly calendar feature where you can customize and create your own calendar, add holidays and even take printouts of your preferred size.

Is the Holiday Data on This Website Customizable, Allowing Me to Add or Remove Specific Holidays?

No, the website has world holidays that cannot be customized. You cannot add or remove any specific holiday. The website has covered all the holidays worldwide. So you can open the website and search for the upcoming holidays or find out if there is a holiday today in the country of your choice.

Does This Website Include Information About Public and Bank Holidays and Religious Holidays?

Yes, the website has covered all types of holidays, including each country's bank holidays, religious holidays, and public holidays. You have to select the country, and you will get the list of holidays in that particular country.