List of Holidays Around the World


2024 Holidays | International Holidays Today & in the Next 7 Days

Date Name Where
Jun 21 Friday Tourist Bridge Holiday Argentina
  Aymara New Year Day Bolivia
  National Indigenous Peoples Day Canada
  Music Festival Congo Democratic Republic
  Midsummer Eve Finland , Sweden
  National Day Greenland
  Police National Day Kiribati
  Poson Full Moon Poya Day Sri Lanka
  Friday before Pentecost North Macedonia
  Day of the Martyrs Togo
  Eid al Adha Public Sector Holiday Turkey
  Father's Day Uganda
  Juneteenth Day United States
Jun 22 Saturday Remembrance Day of Victims of the Great Patriotic War Belarus
  Midsummer Finland , Sweden
  Day of Antifascist Struggle Croatia
  Teachers' Day El Salvador
  Day of Mourning and Commemoration of War Victims Ukraine
Jun 23 Sunday Jura Independence Day Switzerland
  Victory Day Estonia
  Orthodox Holy Spirit Sunday Greece , Romania , Ukraine
  National Day Luxembourg
  Midsummer Eve Latvia
  Saint John's Eve Monaco
  Statehood Day Moldova
  Fathers' Day Poland
Jun 24 Monday June Holiday Canada
  St. Jean Baptiste Day Canada
  Orthodox Pentecost Monday Cyprus , Romania
  St. John Germany
  Midsummer Day Estonia , Lithuania , Latvia
  Saint John the Baptist Day Spain
  Orthodox Holy Spirit Monday Greece
  Eid al-Ghadeer Iraq
  The Feast of St. John (Florence, Genoa, Turin) Italy
  Saint John's Day Monaco
  Farmer Day Peru
  Inti Raymi Day Peru
  St. John's Day Portugal
  Carabobo Battle Venezuela
Jun 25 Tuesday Independence Day Croatia , Mozambique
  Eid-e-Ghadir Iran
  Statehood Day Slovenia
Jun 26 Wednesday Azerbaijan Armed Forces Day Azerbaijan
  Independence Day Madagascar , Somalia
  Flag Day Romania
  Day of Prosecutor's Office Employees Turkmenistan
Jun 27 Thursday Independence Day Djibouti
  Day of National Unity Tajikistan
  Day of Turkmen Workers of Culture and Art Turkmenistan
Jun 28 Friday Independence Day Holiday Djibouti
  Election Day Mongolia
  Matariki New Zealand
  St Vitus' Day Serbia
  Day off for Central Province Day Solomon Islands
  Constitution Day (Suspended) Ukraine

What Information is Provided on the "Holidays" Page of the Website?

On the "Holidays" page, information on holidays and all the observances days is given. The page has holiday information for every country alphabetically. The holidays can even be searched in a yearly or monthly manner.

Can You Search for Holidays for a Specific Country on the Website? If So, How?

Yes, you can search for holidays for a specific country. You have to open the holiday page and stick to the steps given below.

  • Choose your preferred country from the given alphabetical list.
  • Choose which type of holiday you want. For example, Official holidays, religious holidays, etc.
  • If you want to change the selected country, you can even change it.
  • Choose which year's holiday list you want to see.
  • Below, the list of holidays will appear in a monthly order, and it will even show the type of holiday.


What is Observance Means?

In simple terms, observance means a custom that has to be followed in a particular area. Each country has its own significant days, like founders' days, independent days, etc. Thus each country will have a different list of holidays and observances. This tool has a collection of all the holidays and observances around the world. So whenever you have questions like what holiday is today or what holiday is tomorrow, or what holiday is coming up, you can use this tool and get answers to such questions.

Is It Possible to Add Holidays to the Calendar on the Website?

No, it is not possible to add holidays to the calendar on the website. But this website has covered all types of holidays. All around the world. So whenever you wonder if today is a holiday in your country or any other country across the globe, you have to open this website and search for that particular country.

Are Religious Holidays Listed on the Website?

Yes, All the religious holidays are mentioned on the website. The website has all the worldwide holidays. You can find all the religious holidays of each country.

Is the Website Available in Languages Other Than English?

No, the website is available only in the English language.

Are There Any Additional Features or Tools Available on This Website Besides the Holiday Calendar?

Yes, the website has a yearly calendar feature where you can customize and create your own calendar, add holidays and even take printouts of your preferred size.

Is the Holiday Data on This Website Customizable, Allowing Me to Add or Remove Specific Holidays?

No, the website has world holidays that cannot be customized. You cannot add or remove any specific holiday. The website has covered all the holidays worldwide. So you can open the website and search for the upcoming holidays or find out if there is a holiday today in the country of your choice.

Does This Website Include Information About Public and Bank Holidays and Religious Holidays?

Yes, the website has covered all types of holidays, including each country's bank holidays, religious holidays, and public holidays. You have to select the country, and you will get the list of holidays in that particular country.